GS Balance Oy welcomes you to the GS Balance remote monitoring system ("GS Balance").

GS Balance Oy is pleased to offer you a software application which lets you save and display results related to your health that you have measured with self-measurement devices like your blood glucose meter as well as other health-related data. The goal is to help you follow your self-testing values and ultimately further assist your personal treatment by providing the results you have saved to GS Balance with your consent to your healthcare professionals.

1. Accepting the Privacy Policy

The use of GS Balance requires the collection and handling of your personal data. For this reason, we will openly explain in this privacy policy how we handle your personal data and the reasons for collection followed by your specific approval for these purposes of use.

If you wish to use GS Balance you need to confirm that you accept the privacy policy and give a voluntary and explicit consent to the handling of your personal data set forth in this document. If you do not accept the privacy policy, you will be directed away from the software and you will not be able to use GS Balance.

If you are underage under the laws of your country, you need to have consent from your guardian to allow the use of GS Balance. The guardian should supervise the use of the software.

2. The terms for data collection in GS Balance

2.1 Protecting your privacy

GS Balance Oy commits to protecting your privacy as a user of GS Balance and will comply with the Finnish and EU legislation set for the handling of personal data and privacy. GS Balance Oy handles the data collected by the software as described in this privacy policy.

2.2 General information on the register

The name of the personal data register is the "GS Balance user database" ("User database"). The register is governed as the data controller by GS Balance Oy with its registered offices at Kuortaneenkatu 2, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland.

2.3 The content of the user database

The personal data collected to the user database includes data the user has entered to GS Balance software or uploaded from a third-party self-testing device or product that GS Balance Oy has approved. Personal data related to your health can also be saved to the user database by a healthcare professional or by personnel of a healthcare provider with your approval.

Depending on your needs as a user, the user database may include the following personal data among others ("Customer Data"):

Also, the following data about you, your treatment, your health and your use of GS Balance and other GS Balance Oy products can be collected to the database ("Status Information"):

2.4 Protection of the user database

GS Balance Oy follows good practices in data management and obeys the protection requirements of the privacy act and guarantees that your privacy as a user will not be breached in any situation when handling the information collected.

GS Balance Oy and the possible partners of GS Balance Oy who participate in the data handling will take the necessary actions to protect the data from unauthorized access, accidental or illegal deletion, altering, sharing, moving or other illegal handling of the data. The user database is stored on a data system that can only be accessed by such employees of GS Balance Oy or its partners who are, due to their professional roles, required to handle the data (such as the user's own healthcare personnel). The data system has been protected by access rights controls and passwords that are only in the possession of persons who are authorized to handle the user database.

2.5 Disclosing and transferring data

GS Balance Oy does not disclose the personal data to third parties in any other cases than those mentioned in this privacy policy. Affiliates that are a part of the same group of companies or subcontractors handling the data as requested by the owner of the user database are not considered as third parties. GS Balance Oy makes sure that these companies and subcontractors conform to the Finnish legislation and EU area legislature set out for data collection and handling and that these parties will handle the personal data according to GS Balance Oy's instructions and in line with this privacy policy.

Personal data can be disclosed to third parties such as to GS Balance Oy's customer organizations, healthcare providers and other parties only with your explicit approval. GS Balance Oy makes sure that these entities conform to the Finnish legislation and EU area legislature set out for data collection and handling and that these parties will handle the personal data according to GS Balance Oy's instructions and in line with this privacy policy.

Your Customer Data (full name and contact information) can, however, be shared with a third party if GS Balance Oy will after careful consideration see it necessary, justified and authorized by law.

If you are using GS Balance as a part of the treatment plan agreed with a partner organization of GS Balance Oy (e.g. a diabetes clinic or other healthcare organization), you need to also agree that your personal data can be handled. GS Balance Oy can disclose all the data that GS Balance collects to your healthcare professionals if you have given a separate permission on this to GS Balance Oy or to the healthcare professionals.

The personal data will not be disclosed or moved to outside the borders of the European Union or European Economic Area without a justification set forth in the law.

2.6 Purposes of Use for the User Database

GS Balance Oy collects and handles your personal data for the following purposes:

Only non-identifiable Status Information will be used by GS Balance Oy and/or its distributors for the purposes specified in items d), e) and f). GS Balance Oy or GS Balance Oy's distributors will not use your Customer Data or identifiable Status Information for these specific purposes or for the purpose specified in item 7 without your express consent.

Under no circumstances is it GS Balance Oy's aim to conduct research, which interferes with the sanctity of human life or physical integrity, or to study the reason or progress of the sickness of any specific individual. If GS Balance Oy or a cooperation partner of GS Balance Oy later considers it appropriate and important to use the information collected by the GS Balance User Database for medical research purposes, GS Balance Oy or the partner of GS Balance Oy may contact you to enquire after your interest and consent to take part in such research. Such projects shall at all times be based on specific research plans and their contents shall be explained in an appropriate manner prior to asking for consents.

2.7 Personal data retention period

When you use the GS Balance service, your data will be retained for the last three (3) years. Data older than that is not considered useful for the intended use of the service, monitoring of selected chronic conditions. In case you separately give your explicit consent to participate in a medical study, the data retention period defined for the study will be applied, and you will receive more detailed information about it when you give your consent.

Your user account and all your data will be deleted from the GS Balance service if you have not used the service at all during the last two (2) years.

2.8 Permission to handle the personal data

By accepting this privacy policy, you give GS Balance Oy the permission to handle your personal data as set out in section 2.3 in this document.

The data that GS Balance Oy collects can also become of use for other purposes still unknown at the time of the acceptance of these terms. By accepting this privacy policy, you will give your permission to GS Balance Oy and its distributors to use the permanently anonymized Status Information for such purposes still unknown.

2.9 Your rights

You have the right to check the personal data that has been stored in the user database and ask for correction of any inaccurate data. Due to the nature of GS Balance, the personal data collected by the software is in principle accessible at any time to the user through the user interface.

You have also the right to withdraw the given permission to the handling of your personal data. It is paramount to understand that withdrawing the permission will prevent the use of GS Balance as it is not possible to offer the GS Balance software without the access to personal data.

In case you want to delete your user account and your personal data stored in GS Balance, please send your request by email to support@gsbalance.com.

2.10 Use of cookies

GS Balance does not collect or store personal data using cookies.

3. Mobile app permissions

Self-measurement data can be registered in the GS Balance app manually or captured wirelessly via a Bluetooth or NFC connection from supported devices, such as blood glucose meters, spirometers, peak flow meters and blood pressure meters. For doing so the app requires permissions to scan for Bluetooth devices and use Bluetooth.

For scanning for Bluetooth devices in the Android version additional Location permissions are needed because Bluetooth could potentially be used to determine the device location. The GS Balance app does not, however, gather nor use Location information.

4. Other terms

This privacy policy is governed by the laws of Finland and the European Data Protection Regulation.

5. Additional information and contact details

Matters related to section 2.9 concerning checking your personal data and withdrawing your permission for handling your personal data and any other questions relating to privacy and use of personal data should be addressed to the email address support@gsbalance.com or to the postal address Privacy, c/o GS Balance Oy, Kuortaneenkatu 2, FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland.

LB-44 rev. 6.2